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API Series 2: How to Leverage SDKs and Embedded Data to Extend Speech Analytics

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This month’s CallMiner Educational Webinar is the 2nd in our three-part series on applying the power of speech analytics outside of the platform itself through the use of API’s (Application Programming Interfaces). Among the content for this session will include an overview of software development kits (SDK) and how these tools are used for the creation of applications. This informative presentation will also highlight some common tips and tricks when using an SDK and will also feature a real “embedded” application use case example of building and automated scorecard into a third party platform.

Join CallMiner’s Director of Software Development Felix Lepa for this 2nd in a series of API focused webinars as we delve further into the definitions and use cases of this powerful Application Programming Interface platform.

Attendees to this informative webinar will learn how:

  • How “embedding” data through an API further enhances the functionality of your platform
  • How SDK (software development kits) aid in the development of applications which leverage the API
  • Practical, powerful use cases for Data Embedding
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