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6 Ways Customer Engagement Analytics Can Go Beyond the Survey

April 4, 2019

Most organizations record customer calls and capture other channel’s interactions for quality assurance purposes. But they ignore the huge insight this same information into providing better customer and agent experiences.


In fact, most organizations only listen to between 1% and 3% of the calls they receive each month. And yet, the same organizations probably have a dedicated program to capture solicited feedback such as survey or review sites from customers, and that response rate is only between 10% and 15%. 


CX pros are sitting on a data goldmine in their call center that could complete their picture of the customer journey going beyond the survey and giving them the edge they need to keep customers loyal and spending more.


Every customer interaction provides unsolicited feedback that is full of context and insights that could be used to influence customer experience. Despite this transformational potential, much of the vast volume of speech and interactions data that is available as unsolicited feedback remains unused.

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