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5 Ways to Create Engaged & Empowered Call Centre Agents

Hiring new agents is never easy. Too often, contact centres employ individuals that show great promise, only to see them leave a few months later.


Employee or agent engagement is a measurement of how committed the individual is to the overall good of the company and their role in it. Contact centres can experience a number of struggles from demotivated agents including absence, attrition, customer complaints, after call work, and an increase in average handle time. Each of these can cause further damage to a contact centre’s bottom line through bad customer experience, lower Net Promoter Score, diminishing revenue, declining compliance, customer churn, and an overall decline in sales.


To successfully measure the change in engagement and properly track results, contact centres should have a starting point to work from which includes specific data. The most efficient way to gain data is by analyzing the agents’ recorded calls. Call recording is used by 92% of call centers according to survey in Contact Babel.


But of those calls, typically less than 1% are actually analysed by a manager or QA supervisor and can take up to 45 days to be reviewed. To give real coaching feedback to your agents you need to analyze 100% of their calls. Then look for ways to improve engagement and create empowered agents.


Employees are actively seeking to work for businesses that offer  opportunities to learn and develop skills.


Read this ebook to learn 5 ways to engage and empower your agents including automated scorecards, real-time coaching, and gamification.

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