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  • Dialog Direct Customer Success Story2:42

    Dialog Direct Customer Success Story

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  • Why Work with CallMiner2:09

    Why Work with CallMiner

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  • State Collection Services Case Study10:00

    State Collection Services Case Study

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  • Americollect Customer Success Story3:18

    Americollect Customer Success Story

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  • Access Financial Case Study10:31

    Access Financial Case Study

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  • Conn's Home Plus Customer Success Story3:20

    Conn's Home Plus Customer Success Story

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  • Customer Engagement Optimization4:14

    Customer Engagement Optimization

    You can no longer look at a single transaction for customer satisfaction. You have to look at the entire customer journey.

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  • SiriusXM Customer Success Story3:12

    SiriusXM Customer Success Story

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  • Voice of Customer Analytics3:07

    Voice of Customer Analytics

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  • Customer Experience2:35

    Customer Experience

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  • Contact Center Efficiency2:22

    Contact Center Efficiency

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  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring with Speech Analytics with EurekaLive1:43

    Real-Time Performance Monitoring with Speech Analytics with EurekaLive

    CallMiner EurekaLive is a real-time call center quality assurance solution that monitors in progress calls for the presence or absence of specific language or acoustic characteristics.

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  • Performance Management2:32

    Performance Management

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  • Automating the Performance Management Process with Contact Analytics4:29

    Automating the Performance Management Process with Contact Analytics

    CallMiner Eureka automates agent scoring, allowing you to keep all of your KPIs in one place, provide fast efficient feedback, and more importantly, make direct feedback easy to act on.

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  • Sales Effectiveness2:27

    Sales Effectiveness

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  • CallMiner Community EngagementOptimization.com2:00

    CallMiner Community is CallMiner's online community designed for customer engagement professionals.

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  • Speech Analytics Solutions for Collections2:12

    Speech Analytics Solutions for Collections

    CallMiner speech analytics can help ease collections challenges by analyzing every agent contact to eliminate compliance risk, improve agent performance, and increase recovery rates.

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  • Risk & Compliance2:17

    Risk & Compliance

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  • Amazon Connect3:38

    Amazon Connect

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  • Uncovering the Customer Experience3:29

    Uncovering the Customer Experience

    By adding CallMiner speech analytics in your call center, you will gain valuable insights into the voice of your customer on a continuous basis.

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