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3 Ways Sekure Merchant Boosted Sales Conversion with Five9 and CallMiner

Learn how Sekure Merchant increased their same-week sales conversions by 55% with CallMiner and Five9. Sekure Merchant, a leading credit card processing company, was having difficulties with their quality management and sought to increase the effectiveness of their sales team. Within two months of using CallMiner to analyze calls recorded through Five9, Sekure Merchant significantly increased their sales conversions and identified thousands of mis-dispositioned leads.

Watch this webinar with Dave Hill, Jeff Stroum, and Matt Coffey to learn how Sekure Merchant leveraged Five9 and CallMiner Eureka to:

  • Boost sales conversions by measuring the effectiveness of sales pitches.
  • Monitor the behaviors of missed sales opportunities.
  • Increase call center efficiency by uncovering excessive silence, reducing manual call categorization, and tracking barriers to first call resolution.

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Zeroing in on Ideal Coaching Moments with Speech Analytics