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How AI Improves the Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is being used in many ways to improve customer experience, and innovative new use cases are emerging all the time. Enterprises must reimagine their operations, with automation and AI at the center of their strategy.

One of the reasons AI is making significant improvements to customer experience for many organizations is because it complements the contact center technologies and processes they already have in place. This enables organizations to get more value from the data and best practices they have developed over time. Customer engagements go from being reactive to proactive when the predictive power of AI is introduced to contact center operations.

This paper provides an overview of artificial intelligence, explains how AI fits into the spectrum of technologies used for managing contact centers operations and efficiencies both on the agent and customer side, how speech is a gold mine for data, and identifies the leading use cases that are delivering customer experience and stronger business value through customer engagement analytics.

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