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How to Achieve Continuous Improvement of your Quality Monitoring

The vast majority of contact centres still manually evaluate just 1-3% of their monthly calls. This brings some significant quality monitoring challenges. Most importantly, your agents may be disengaged because they do not receive appropriate coaching. They may also feel that they have been treated unfairly because the analysis does not take into account all of their calls. This can have a negative ripple effect on your business.

The following whitepaper will review technology tips to help you improve your Quality Assurance, such as:

  • Focus 80% of your Team Leaders time on developing people by removing administrative tasks assigned to them.
  • Remove fixed and scripted approaches to conversations. Instead encourage a personalised customer experience with a
    holistic quality view.
  • Introduce self-assessments.
  • Create a complete picture of all your agents’ interactions to identify best practice.
  • Only give fair and honest feedback, to avoid upsetting agents for no reason.
  • Make agents aware of how their performance is affecting the business.
  • Encourage your agents to self-improve by allowing them to monitor their own calls.
  • Be careful when linking pay/rewards to performance.
  • Allow your agents to take a break after a difficult or negative call.
  • Think of ways you can improve the delivery of your compliance statements.
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