AI Webinar with Forrester Highlights: What Does Enterprise Ready Mean?

Rachael Royds

What are the hottest topics in customer experience today? Data and Artificial Intelligence. The best way to uncover data is by utilizing what you already have access to – existing customer conversations. AI-fueled speech analytics is a solution more and more contact centers are embracing to tap into this goldmine of data.

How AI-Fueled Speech Analytics is Rocking the World of Customer Experience Featuring Forrester ResearchIn our recent webinar with Forrester Research’s Principal Analyst Ian Jacobs, we discussed how AI-fueled speech analytics is rocking the world of customer experience along with breaking down what enterprise-ready really refers to and why speech analytics is the goldmine for data you are ignoring. According to Forrester Research presented at the webinar, speech recognition and speech analytics are a top AI priority area for enterprises.  Watch the complete video webinar or read a highlight from the webinar below.

What Does Enterprise Ready Mean?

Steve Chirokas, Director of Product & Channel Marketing, CallMiner

Scalability is critical especially the way we handle these interactions when dealing with and when managing every single interaction. That can be a blizzard of data and if it’s not handled correctly and will be almost totally unusable.

From an enterprise perspective, one of the keys that makes a speech analytics solution enterprise-ready in this realm is making that volume of data usable. Providing focus with packaged visualization. Color coding and highlighting where your best interactions are, based on what you are looking for and allowing you to zero in on that.

Another component of “enterprise -ready” is supporting different departments and having a management framework with security, so that you can have the right people come in and look at that data. You have a role-based presentation. For example, we have different data that is presented to someone managing an agent versus an agent themselves. All of that is wrapped in a package that makes this big data usable data. That’s a major component of what enterprise ready really means.

Another element within the realm of packaging is the ability to get an organization up and running very quickly with speech analytics. A big deal for everybody is accurately assigning meaning to the many ways people say something so you can derive intent. Having packages not just for visualization, but packaging a jumpstart capability for catagorizing the many ways customer and agents express intent and action by voice really helps people get up and running quickly. And, therefore helps them get to an ROI much more quickly. Quickly delivering measurable results with speech analytics works to increase adoption across more applications as well as attracts attention and investment throughout the organization for additional optimization efforts.

Security is a significant issue. It’s not just about the infrastructure of a secure hosted solution. Automated redaction plays an important role when dealing with audio as well as with transcripts. You want to share this information, but you don’t want to share the sensitive data. Being able to automatically redact that data is really critical, and not simply because you need to comply with a security standard. Sensitive data elimination encourages confidence to share that information throughout an organization so you can improve the customer experience or you can optimize the sales process without worrying that  you’re sending somebody’s credit card information along.

Ian Jacobs, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

As you start to expand the number of use cases and go beyond the walls of the contact center, the ability to have some sort of governance and be able to have role-based access. To say these people can see things, the things relevant to marketing, these people can see these things, and these people can do ad-hoc discovery because they are the analysts. That becomes even more critical as you start to bring in people from marketing and operations and sales and products and engineer and so on. Because otherwise, it just gets unwieldy. Enterprise-ready in some weird way even though it sounds like it means expanding it dramatically, it also means to limit it and narrow it so that it is usable for everybody.

Watch the complete webinar to learn how how AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics are impacting the customer experience industry and contact center success!

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How AI-Fueled Speech Analytics is Rocking the World of Customer Experience Featuring Forrester Research
How AI-Fueled Speech Analytics is Rocking the World of Customer Experience Featuring Forrester Research

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