CallMiner Coach: Real-Time Agent Quality Management

CallMiner Coach encourages a call center culture of real-time agent performance optimization with speech analytics insight from every call, targeted guidance and agent self-improvement.

Meet Ada. She’s one of many agents taking calls at your contact center.

Do you know how she’s performing on every call? And where she needs training?

Now you can turn insights about Ada’s call activity into action. With Eureka Coach from CallMiner.

Coach allows you to spend far more time on actual coaching with automated analytics, AI-driven linguistics with emotion, predictive scoring, and role-based dashboards.

Coach expedites quality improvements with direct agent feedback.

The result? Ada - and all your agents - improve in a collaborative culture of optimization.

The progress monitor compares agent, peer, and team performance. To identify how Ada is performing, the ad-hoc call finder enables search for coachable moments based on call characteristics.

The contact score viewer reports team customer experience trends and training opportunities objectively. And In-line commenting provides drill down details that help agents focus on specific performance improvements.

The assign follow-up ‘actions’ displays management alerts by team, agent, and call. Agents like Ada receive notifications along with securely-redacted audio and transcript detail from their supervisor.

Role-based dashboards notify Ada and her supervisor about focused interactions.

To engage Ada, the Individualized agent portal targets scores, behavior patterns, and trends to generate coaching sessions on the agent dashboard.

The In-line call player notifies agents needing training with annotated call examples. And threaded discussions help agents like Ada respond to alerts and interactively communicate with supervisors.

Coach scales to your agent quality management needs as your organization grows. With role-based dashboards, graphical trend presentation and case-management follow-up, Coach delivers enterprise-advanced performance.

That’s why we believe Forrester says “CallMiner’s real-time and business insights stand out among Workforce Optimization suites.”– The Forrester New Wave™: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018

Ready to turn insights into action? And take your contact center performance to the next level?

Contact CallMiner for an Coach demo today.

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