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5 Gold Standards to Improve Customer Surveys, featuring InterAction Metrics

It’s hard to take a step without being asked to take a customer survey. For years surveys have been the default method of gaining customer feedback, but they’re not always the best tool.

In fact, in 2016, Interaction Metrics examined the point-of-purchase surveys for over 51 of the largest US retailers. Using a set of 15 criteria, this study concluded that the top retailers’ surveys get an F Grade. If such large companies are failing with their surveys, perhaps your surveys have room to improve too?

But did you know, in addition to surveys, there is a way find out how your customers feel without asking your customers! By analyzing the call recordings you are already capturing.

Unsolicited feedback from contact center conversations will provide a wealth of information from your customer’s perspective along with how your frontline represents the brand.

In this lightning-fast webinar, learn from Martha Brooke, Chief Analyst and Founder of Interaction Metrics, and CallMiner’s Steve Chirokas as they show you how to get more out of your customer surveys including:

  • 5 gold standards that guide all effective customer listening
  • 4 categories of survey flaws
  • Gain customer perspective from unsolicited feedback as expressed by what they say and how they say it
  • Combine interaction analytics with survey responses for unique data-driven insights
  • Insight into agent KPIs that matter including empathy, ownership, and more

Download the webinar slides here.

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