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How Shellpoint Mortgage Increases CX Performance with Speech Analytics featuring CrmXchange

Financial service organizations have three goals during every customer interaction:

  • Create a positive customer experience
  • Achieve the desired ideal business outcome
  • Maintain regulatory compliance while doing the above

Join Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing’s (SMS) Patrick Landis, Director of Quality Control, Jeremy Shaffer, Quality & Speech Analyst and Carlo Santana, Quality & Speech Analyst as they share how SMS has successfully implemented and evolved their speech analytics program to achieve all three of the objectives above.

In this webinar – you’ll learn:

  • How speech analytics works
  • How SMS uses their agent performance feedback system to align with business objectives
  • How they have creatively broadened their use of speech analytics to new business objectives
  • How speech analytics is becoming a vital tool for measuring organizational performance
  • And more…
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