Roundtable on Quality Assurance and Analytics

Keeping customers happy requires a business to learn as much as possible about what they’re thinking to accurately anticipate their needs. Hear as we discuss how to gain customer insights to more accurately measure, track and improve the quality of the customer interaction.

  • With the number and types of customer interactions rapidly increasing it’s more crucial than ever for contact centers to easily identify and eliminate negative experiences. inContact will show how their omnichannel analytics product uses sentiment analysis to pinpoint interactions with negative customer sentiment and provide insights into the underlying drivers.
  • dvsAnalytics will show how to increase agent engagement, resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction. Leveraging analytics into your quality management initiatives provides individualized eCoaching and gamification to continuously engage agents.
  • CallMiner will demonstrate how CallMiner Eureka multi-channel journey mapping and outcome reporting help uncover the root cause of repeat calls; improve agent performance tracking and training; and identify and trend product and process issues that impact customer experience and satisfaction.

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