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Improve Agent Operational Efficiencies with Real Time Resolutions

December 21, 2016

Contact centers are pressed to realize ideal contact outcomes while achieving optimal operational efficiency. Speech analytics affords contact centers the ability to analyze 100% of customer interaction to help assess where agent behavior and efficiency improvements can be made.

Join analytics thought leader Carlos Ayala of Real Time Resolutions (RTR) as he shares his journey with speech analytics in successfully identifying and addressing efficiency sapping behaviors that impact agent talk and wrap times. Carlos will also share the steps RTR took to correct and improve the overall performance of their call center.

Attendees to this informative webinar will learn how to:

  • Combine interaction data and structured metadata to produce powerful insights
  • Identify the metrics that comprise the call “anatomy”
  • Track and trend talk and wrap up time averages
  • Apply scoring metrics to achieve results

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