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Ensuring the Truth and Nothing but the Truth with Speech Analytics

For organisations who embrace their truth and pledge to learn from their customer interactions, the reward for their honest approach is ultimately not only a better customer experience but one that earns long term loyalty as well. But how do organisations learn their truth and convert any revelations into meaningful, actionable insights they can use to improve both CX and business outcomes?

We spoke to South African financial services leader The Unlimited’s Wayne Mann and JP Nel who shared how they leveraged speech analytics in their quality assurance program to ensure their organisation learns the truth and nothing but the truth for their customer interactions to enhance CX, ensure compliance and dramatically reduce costs.

Watch on-demand now to understand more about:

  • How to efficiently implement speech analytics
  • Means of automating quality assurance leads to gain rapid agent insights
  • The benefits of interaction analysis in ensuring script and regulatory adherence
  • Ways to actionize analytics insights to drive better CX & realise business goals
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