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DMG Consulting: Using Interaction Analytics to Improve the Customer Journey

April 4, 2018

Customer journey analytics is a big-data solution that captures, measures, analyses, and evaluates the quality and outcome of the customer (or prospect) experiences throughout all interactions, for all customer-facing touch points, channels and activities. This includes branch/storefront, back-office, in person sales, website, social media, contact center (interactive voice response (IVR), web self-service live agent, phone, email, chat, SMS, video, social customer care, etc.) activities, as well as all actions initiated by a customer or an employee on the customer’s behalf. This is a broad definition that addresses all aspects of a customer’s or prospect’s relationship with an organization. CJA solutions are intended to help organizations view the customer experience from the customer/member/constituent perspective.

CJA solutions receive inputs from many different transactional and analytical applications, including:

  • Transactional: CRM, sales, collections, point of sale, etc.
  • Analytical: speech analytics, text analytics, desktop analytics, IVR analytics, web analytics, quality assurance and surveying.
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