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How Water Utility Contact Centres Can Meet Ofwat’s Expectations eBook

Customer contact centres will obviously play a crucial role in meeting the needs and expectations of the regulator. Every customer interaction presents an opportunity to identify the signs of vulnerability. Whether customers get in touch to resolve issues or file complaints, or agents are involved in collection activities, each of these interactions can provide valuable insight into a customer’s situation and the quality of the service they receive. And, some signs of vulnerability may be hidden in those interactions.

Consequently, these new expectations from the regulator increase the importance of the contact centre in two key ways. Now there is a
compelling need to:

  1. Capture, analyse and share customer contact data
  2. Use the insights from that data to deliver a tailored experience for all
    customers – especially vulnerable customers.

This eBook is designed to be a helpful guide to meeting these twin challenges. It will explain how Interaction Analytics can automate how customer interactions are converted into meaningful data that can be used productively by the regulator and by contact centre agents. It also addresses how Interaction Analytics can help reduce compliance risk in your contact centre.

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