Eureka Platform

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  • Omnichannel Interaction Analytics

    Omnichannel Interaction Analytics

    CallMiner’s Eureka multichannel analytics eliminates channel boundaries to deliver insight across voice and text-based interactions.

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  • Eureka Platform Intro

    Eureka Platform Intro

    Cloud-based customer engagement and speech analytics platform that leverages AI-fueled accurate insight from all customer interactions. Gain insights to drive satisfaction, loyalty and compliance.

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  • Eureka Capture Datasheet

    Eureka Capture Datasheet

    High-quality speaker separated audio foundation for real-time and post-call speech analytics. Easy self-configurable deployment with no impact to existing call recording infrastructure.

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  • Visualize Datasheet

    Visualize Datasheet

    Visualize, powered by Tableau®, brings your speech analytics data story to life

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  • Guide to Contact Engagement Analytics

    Guide to Contact Engagement Analytics

    Download this guide to improving contact center efficiency, agent performance, and compliance.

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  • CallMiner Advantages: Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

    CallMiner Advantages: Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

    From the day you sign on with CallMiner, your success is our number one objective. Learn how CallMiner goes above and beyond to ensure customer success and return on investment.

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  • Intro to Eureka Analyze

    Intro to Eureka Analyze

    Capture, transcribe, and reveal insight from 100% of your customer interactions with CallMiner Eureka! Learn how it works in this intro guide.

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  • Eureka Security datasheet

    Eureka Security datasheet

    CallMiner is constantly striving towards delivering the highest level of data security and protection possible within our cloud environment.

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  • Speaker Separation datasheet

    Speaker Separation datasheet

    Automatically identify customer & agent speakers with single channel audio recordings through Speaker Separation

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  • Eureka Analyze Datasheet

    Eureka Analyze Datasheet

    Automated call scoring and powerful search and discovery combined with automated call transcription and PCI redaction.

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  • Eureka Coach Datasheet

    Eureka Coach Datasheet

    Agent performance coaching encourages a culture of optimization with speech analytics insight from every call, targeted guidance and agent self-improvement.

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  • Eureka Alert datasheet

    Eureka Alert datasheet

    Alerts for real-time customer interaction insight and coaching allows in-the-moment action while a call is in progress.

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  • Eureka Redact Datasheet

    Eureka Redact Datasheet

    Safely store and share audio and transcription data by eliminating credit card data, social security numbers and more from voice and multichannel interactions.

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  • Eureka API datasheet

    Eureka API datasheet

    Unlock and unify critical insights from 100% of customer interactions at scale with corporate data and metadata linked to existing systems including CRM, CX, RPA, Telco and data warehousing.

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  • Eureka Xchange datasheet

    Eureka Xchange datasheet

    App exchange for users of CallMiner’s award-winning hosted Eureka analytics platform. Extend the power of Eureka with additional categories.

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  • Eureka Playbooks datasheet

    Eureka Playbooks datasheet

    Maximize ROI with Eureka Playbooks, a series of guides for how to more effectively use Eureka to jumpstart your efforts aligned to specific business drivers.

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