Eureka Platform

This stream shows all the collateral related to the Eureka Platform.

  • Omnichannel Interaction Analytics

    Omnichannel Interaction Analytics

    CallMiner’s Eureka multichannel analytics eliminates channel boundaries to deliver insight across voice and text-based interactions.

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  • Eureka Platform Intro

    Eureka Platform Intro

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  • Eureka Capture Datasheet

    Eureka Capture Datasheet

    Real-time audio for speech analytics.

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  • Visualize Datasheet

    Visualize Datasheet

    Visualize, powered by Tableau®, brings your speech analytics data story to life

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  • Guide to Contact Engagement Analytics

    Guide to Contact Engagement Analytics

    Download this guide to improving contact center efficiency, agent performance, and compliance.

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  • CallMiner Advantages: Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

    CallMiner Advantages: Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

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  • Intro to Eureka Analyze

    Intro to Eureka Analyze

    Capture, transcribe, and reveal insight from 100% of your customer interactions with CallMiner Eureka! Learn how it works in this intro guide.

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  • Eureka Security datasheet

    Eureka Security datasheet

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  • Speaker Separation datasheet

    Speaker Separation datasheet

    Automatically identify customer & agent speakers with single channel audio recordings through Speaker Separation

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  • Eureka Analyze Datasheet

    Eureka Analyze Datasheet

    Automated call scoring and powerful search and discovery combined with automated call transcription and PCI redaction.

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  • Eureka Coach Datasheet

    Eureka Coach Datasheet

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  • Eureka Alert datasheet

    Eureka Alert datasheet

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  • Eureka Redact Datasheet

    Eureka Redact Datasheet

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  • Eureka API datasheet

    Eureka API datasheet

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  • Eureka Xchange datasheet

    Eureka Xchange datasheet

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  • Eureka Playbooks datasheet

    Eureka Playbooks datasheet

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