How Avadyne Health is Driving Better PX/CX and Brand Reputation through Speech Analytics, with CRM Magazine

For contact center-based service providers whose job it is to represent their clients at some point within the customer or patient lifecycle, optimizing that experience while preserving or enhancing their client's brand is the ultimate goal. Yet how do you ensure those goals are consistently met on every interaction in your busy engagement center?

Watch this webinar to learn how innovative healthcare revenue cycle management leader Avadyne Health has leveraged speech analytics technology and best practices to meet and exceed their clients' revenue, patient experience, compliance and brand protection objectives. 

Join Avadyne Health's Senior Director of Product Management, Pete Hamlin, along with webinar host and moderator Brian LaRoche, Marketing Director at CallMiner as they share how Avadyne Health has achieved remarkable results.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  1. How AI-fueled omnichannel speech analytics works
  2. How speech analytics and best practices dramatically improves coaching approach and agent performance
  3. How Avadyne has successfully combined technology and processes to elevate patient experience, achieve client revenue goals and maintain compliance in its contact center
  4. How speech analytics supplies the actionable business intelligence to improve both service provider and client image, products and processes

Download the webinar slides.

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