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Four Ideas to Improve Quality Management in Your Contact Center

How do you make sure EVERY interaction achieves the right outcome? How can you be sure that the right words are used and are delivered with the right tone? Listening to 1-2% of agents’ monthly calls simply will not give you the answer.

We’ve put together a list of four powerful ideas from Duncan White of management consultancy horizon2 Limited, backed by technology tips from Frank Sherlock of CallMiner, on improving quality management in your contact center. These will help to ensure your customers are getting a great customer experience every time they interact with your agents.

  • Really understand the voice of the customer – and agent – by evaluating more calls
  • Link your agent evaluation to drivers of positive customer outcomes… not just compliance
  • Recognize that there are different elements that create a good interaction and they all need to be taken into account
  • Measure the quality along the entire customer journey - regardless of the channels used
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How to Achieve Continuous Improvement of your Quality Monitoring
How to Achieve Continuous Improvement of your Quality Monitoring

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