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How Artificial Intelligence and Interaction Analytics Drive Better Customer Experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be the hottest topic in technology with the promise of dramatically changing the customer experience landscape. How you ask? Our upcoming webinar will dig deep into how for the first time, data is available to be analyzed like never before! Contact center interaction transcripts – speech, chat and social - are a massively untapped dataset. Unlocking this data is key to increase contact center efficiency and give your company a competitive customer experience advantage. 

In this webinar hear from contact center industry experts on how machine learning and AI are changing the customer experience landscape and how it can make a real impact in your business!

Take-a-ways include:

  • Overview on machine learning/AI
  • Advantages of big data in the contact center
  • How Interaction Analytics converts unstructured interaction data into meaningful, actionable insights
  • How data insights are used to improve first-call resolution, reduce customer churn, and increase agent skills
  • 5 practical prediction applications of artificial intelligence in the contact center
  • Customer use case from Encore on how they are using interaction data to create actionable insights that drive accurate predictive models and positively influence outcomes
  • What’s next in the industry

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