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Webinar Roundtable: The Current State of TCPA Compliance

October 23, 2019

It is hard to keep up with the ongoing trends in TCPA litigation and the latest FCC rulings that affect TCPA compliance for contact centers. Join two TCPA experts, Ryan Thurman, from Contact Compliance Center and Parker Sutton, TCPA Officer at Navient in a roundtable discussion about the current state of the TCPA and what you can do to minimize your risk of compliance exposure and litigation. 

This webinar roundtable will highlight the current state of the typical TCPA challenges, including:

  • Defining auto-dialers
  • Reassigned phone numbers
  • Revocation of consent

In addition, some of the new developments will be discussed, including:

  • FCC ruling on caller ID authentication (SHAKEN/STIR)
  • The TRACED Act and the Stop Bad Robocalls Act currently making their way through Congress
  • Outlier technologies such as SMA, ringless voicemail drops and avatar sound-

Download webinar slides here.

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