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New Standards for Customer Contact Performance

The source of significant health concerns, mandatory quarantines, widespread business shutdowns and crippling senses of fear and uncertainty, COVID-19 dramatically impacted the way contact centers established their goals, managed employees and interacted with customers.

The requisite changes were not necessarily a departure from what contact center leaders were already considering. Many leaders already had actions like connecting in digital channels, leveraging automation and turning to remote work on their dockets.

COVID-19 did, however, markedly elevate the urgency of these actions. Although many organizations were toying with unconventional work arrangements and new self-service

solutions, few were taking meaningful action. COVID-19 left them with no choice.

As a result, contact centers had to answer some key questions:

• How are customer expectations changing?

• How do we integrate digital engagement and self-service options into our CX journeys?

• What does omnichannel mean for our performance goals and metrics?

• How can we keep remote agents engaged and productive?

• What factors will prevent agents from feeling comfortable, let alone satisfied, in these uncertain times?

CCW Digital surveyed customer contact leaders to determine how they were answering these questions. It pointedly asked what contact centers were doing to maintain (and improve) their performance levels in these trying times. It, moreover, worked to determine how the notion of a successful contact center will change in the months and years ahead.

Down this market study to learn the results of the survey.

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