CallMiner Alert: Real-Time Call Monitoring and Redaction

Eureka Alert from CallMiner: Automated Monitoring and Alerting for the Call Center in Real-Time

Eureka Alert combines AI-driven automated transcription, alerting, and redaction to provide your contact center supervisors, quality analysts, and agents with real-time, actionable business insights that will:

  • Optimize agent performance with real-time guidance
  • Ensure compliance and mitigate risk
  • Pinpoint and act on upsell opportunities
  • Improve customer experience via proactive escalation

Alert automatically analyzes customer interactions and instantly notifies supervisors and agents of challenges and opportunities during a call. Alert prioritizes supervisor escalation and guides agents toward desired outcomes based on real time intelligence from contact center conversations. And alert automatically provides next best action and knowledge-base information designed to reduce compliance risk, while delivering escalation avoidance and improved customer experience.

Leveraging AI augmentation, Alert also empowers agents with instantaneous and accurate insights and information to improve performance and agent job satisfaction.  Security is baked in with immediate PCI redaction, no audio storage risks and always encrypted transcripts.

Achieve a new level of proactive awareness, response and action while conversations are in progress with Eureka Alert from CallMiner.

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