CallMiner Analyze: Actionable Insight from Customer Engagement

CallMiner Analyze, the cloud-based speech analytics solution, reveals actionable intelligence from 100% of your contact center’s customer interactions.

Calling all Contact Center and Customer Experience Professionals!

What if you could transform customer experience, improve your business processes, AND increase revenues?

Now you can with Analyze from CallMiner - the cloud-based speech analytics solution that reveals actionable intelligence from 100% of your customer interactions.

AI-driven analytics based upon what was said and how it was expressed tracks and compares customer experience and agent performance metrics.

With automated scoring you prioritize what matters most across all your contacts. Plus, automated journey mapping tracks customer touchpoints across multiple channels by indexing effort and emotion.

With an intuitive interface and a flexible selection of scoring to measure intent and drive action.

It is simple to tailor dashboards and permissions to fit your business and agent quality management needs.

Quickly customize automated scoring to accurately prioritize customer experience and agent frontline quality performance.

Expansive predefined conversation event patterning and machine learning.

Enables instant insight from unstructured voice conversations.

Contact search is enhanced with categorization, acoustic measure, sentiment and the contextual benefits of timing.

Analyze skyrockets beyond simple transcription with rich insight from what, how and when something was said.

Topic Miner uses AI vector clustering to identify, associate, and summarize trending topics from large blocks of audio.

The result? Data driven evidence to optimize performance.

Take quick action with customizable, objective scoring for product references, marketing campaigns, agent performance and more.

Analyze quantifies impact with contextual perspective, and securely maintains  redacted transcripts and audio.

Enterprise customers choose Analyze because it dynamically scales as your organization grows without categorization boundaries.

With trusted accreditation and proven contact center expertise, we think it’s no wonder Forrester ranked CallMiner a leader in AI-Fueled Speech Analytics. The Forrester New Wave™: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018

Get ready to illuminate your customer experience with velocity, improve your business processes and increase revenues.

Contact CallMiner for an Analyze demo today.

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