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5 Best Practices for Multi-Objective Speech Analytics

Whether you are large or small, successful speech analytics deployments for organization with rollouts across multiple lines of business can pose a unique set of challenges. Nearly every customer contact leader calls analytics an investment priority, but so many wonder how to get the most out of analytics.

Join Lauretta Campestre and Brian Cantor as they reveal 5 best practices for analytics, exclusive research on the topic, and case studies for improving metrics like FCR and next-call prevention.

In this informative webinar you will learn:

  • Why customer analytics solutions have become an urgent investment priority
  • The top challenges organizations must overcome in order to elevate customer engagement and optimize contact center performance.

Plus the top five practices:

  • The keys to securing leadership buy-in
  • Winning ideas on identifying and establishing roles and objectives for champions/analysts/power users for each line of business
  • How to create the paradigm shift – position speech analytics for real transformation within your organization
  • Effective techniques for communicating with your business user communities
  • The power of user system training to achieve self-sufficiency in content creation and results
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