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Analytics-Enabled Quality Management Improves CX, Agent Engagement and Bottom Line: DMG Consulting

Quality management (QM) is a mission-critical function in your contact center, but prominently it has always been a manual task, even with traditional QM solutions that have provided a workflow for evaluators. Companies typically conduct only 2 – 10 evaluations per agent per month, and frequently QM is limited to only 1% to 3% of voice-only transactions because it’s simply too costly to assign more resources to this task.


This issue has grown as the number of total interactions and channels have increased due to the digital transformation of the contact center.


A great way to address digital channels and QM is to transition to analytics-enabled quality management (AQM). This is where a company uses their speech and text analytics solution to review anywhere from 10% - 100% of their interactions from all channels, and a QM specialist gets involved only when an issue requires human interpretation and analysis.


Read this paper from industry experts DMG Associates on how AQM will help your agent performance, customer experience and over all company bottom line results.

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