CallMiner Visualize: Powered by Tableau®

Eureka Visualize powered by Tableau® brings your speech analytics data story to life. Customize and compare graphical data to reveal insight to enable change. With an accessible workspace through CallMiner Analyze, easily create your visual narrative for all audiences in and beyond the contact center. Any data elements including voice, text and metadata within Eureka Analyze can be drag & dropped within Visualize dashboards to create a compelling speech analytics story. Visit for more information.

Big data. Your contact center generates more of it every day.

Customer satisfaction relies on it.

Your agents create it.

 And your analysts try to make sense of it.

So why is it so hard to see how all this data impacts your productivity -- and your bottom line?

It’s time to see the big picture.

And the small details that reveal new insights;

Spotlight comparative performance;

And articulate your focus to drive results.

Now you can with Visualize from CallMiner – the leader in AI-driven speech analytics.

Visualize helps you see your contact center data in new ways so you can tell your story. Your way. With your impact.

By illuminating contact center data analytics with meaningful graphs and charts, you turn insights into action.

And as your data scales, compelling graphical insights help you evaluate and compare the key factors that drive success.

With Visualize, it’s easy to tell your data story faster than ever!

The agile interface helps you manage, and present data at scale.

Simply drag and drop to customize dashboards, charts, graphs and reports that spotlight trends, problems, and growth opportunities.

Packaged reports quickly convert the voice of your customers and agents into visually insightful tools.

Or use Visualize to view dynamic data your way - and focus on key improvement initiatives that matter most.

Before-and-after comparisons work to uncover root causes and help evaluate alternatives.

Visualize maximizes your impact - creating silo-bridging awareness in -- and beyond -- your contact center with powerful graphic reports.

Identifying tags and titles help your audience quickly zoom into details that are easy to see.

While attention-grabbing graphics and annotations showcase what matters most...

So your data story comes to life in visual reports that inform, inspire, and initiate change.

Big data drives your contact center operations and your profits.

Visualize brings big data to life to tell your story your way and maximize your impact.

Contact Callminer for a demo today. Visit


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